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Saturday 26th May 2018

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Food and Wine

Sour Beers – the Next Big Thing?
Businesses are always looking for new products to tempt customers.  Every week hundreds of new lines are launched and consumer magazines are full of enticing new goods to tempt the shopper.  Breweries are no different and having weaned people off bland industrial lager onto .. read more »
Part 1 – Tannin - This time I explore reasons why some wines are heavy while some are lighter. The are many different wines on the market today from all over the world and when people come into my shop and ask for a good wine the question I always ask is what style of wine do .. read more »
Hello, I'm Fred Duncannon, Co-owner of Stansted Park Farm Shop, and I will be writing the new food column here based on seasonal, local produce. When you eat food in season, it's at it's tastiest, freshest and most nutritious. We have an amazing selection of food grown, farmed .. read more »
Portsmouth is awash with Indian restaurants, we are a nation of curry lovers after all! And the ratio in Drayton is no exception to this statement. Drayton has just five restaurants; four of them are Curry houses, so you are not exactly spoilt for choice in the area, it feels as .. read more »