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Saturday 26th May 2018

Waterlooville Music Festival 2018

Waterlooville Music Festival 2018

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Waterlooville Music Festival 2018 takes place from 9th to 17th June, with free lunchtime events and six evening concerts. Founded in 2006, the festival is well established as the highlight of the Waterlooville calendar when the town becomes the entertainment capital of Hampshire! Sunday 10th June: .. read more »
A freezing cold evening meeting of Hyden, WI Clanfield was a little different from usual. We all trooped out into the car park for a fire-drill: of all nights! Once back in the warm we were treated to an evening of classic country music given by local musician, Miranda Williamson (Miranda's Music .. read more »

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We had hoped for ten to fifteen people to turn up and help on the morning of our first beach clean on the 18th February, but we were overwhelmed with a crowd seventy-five strong amazing volunteers some of which are pictured above standing behind a proportion of the bags of rubbish we collected. .. read more »
WE EXIST AS A NOT FOR PROFIT VOLUNTEER ORGANISATION TO SUPPORT COMMUNITY PROJECTS Why not contact us at to see how we might be able to help with your ideas and projects Postcode Publications (PPL) was established six years ago to generate funds for community projects .. read more »

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A proposal by Postcode Publications is under consideration to preserve and enhance mature woodland in South Street Havant by a structured landscaping scheme designed by Jennie Leadbeater of the Martin Critchley practice at the Old Brewery in Twittens Way, Havant. The proposal is sponsored and will .. read more »
An interesting insight into Oarsome Chance was on the agenda for a group of employees from Pfizer who gave up their time to help the local charity help build equipment and prepare boat hulls to render them fit for the water. Oarsome Chance is a unique charity with a base in Havant aiming to help .. read more »