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Sunday, 13th Jun 2021

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Waterlooville Forum and Events Team: What is it?

In partnership with Evolve Enterprise Society, South Downs College, the Waterlooville Community Events Team is a group of volunteers in Waterlooville who organise activities and events to attract visitors to the town.

Throughout 2015, the Events team coordinated the Saturday Bandstand which hosted musicians of all genres, from jive to rock to soul and Motown. The Bandstand is very popular as visitors can sit at the numerous cafés and enjoy the music or browse the shops at the same time. Saturday Bandstand will begin again with an exciting programme in March 2016. 19th March will kick-off with Jazz Saturday, 16th April will be Folk Saturday and 21st May will be Musicals. June will see the return of Waterlooville’s Music Festival, organised by St. George’s Church.

The Events team also organised the Christmas Event and the Santa’s Grotto, both of which were huge successes.

Look out for future information regarding the upcoming Bandstand dates!

Waterlooville Events Team of volunteers and agencies, and supported by Evolve Enterprise Society, South Downs College.

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Posted on Wed, December 16 2015