Sunday, 5th Dec 2021

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Members of Portsmouth CTC are amongst those saddened by the recent death of Chris Davies, a great promoter of cycle touring and enthusiast of all things cycling, and one of the... »
What a month September has been!!  There has been a lot happening at Waterlooville Bowling Club.  The most prestigious event was the formal opening of the new clubhouse.  The... »
Portsmouth Cycle Touring Club has been going for 95 years and needed to celebrate in some way. Covid pandemic has impacted activities for over 18 months and large indoor... »
Havant Hockey Club has been at the centre of the Borough for well over 100 years, since it’s founding in 1905 .  In the 1970s they were one of the first clubs in the country to... »
A state-of-the-art artificial grass pitch was recently officially opened by Portsmouth Football Club, at Horndean Technology College, on Wednesday 22nd September 2021. The new... »
Q  There has been talk of Government Obesity strategy, and Government Green strategy. Can cycling help either of these. A There is a lot of information about the problems of... »