Walking Football at Havant Leisure Centre

Walking football has grown in popularity over the past few years especially with older men wanting to re-join the sport they love in a friendly environment.

It’s a great way for those that want to socialise, have fun and get involved in light sport. The sport has been taken up by people with health issues that want to get more involved.

The latest walking football group in local area is at Havant Leisure Centre on Fridays 6.30pm – 7.30pm which starts on10th June.

The indoor walking football group is starting in time with the UEFA European Championships 2016 encouraging those that are watching the football and wishing they could play again the opportunity to do so.

Carl Shear, Operations Manager at Horizon Leisure Centre said ‘Walking football is a great way to re-live the dreams of your youth while still enjoying the excitement of the game and team spirit. Not only will it be great for your fitness and mobility levels but you’ll make some new friends too!’ ‘

It is absolutely ideal for all of those couch potatoes who want to give it one more go…or even give it a go for the first time. The comfort of playing indoors and not having to fight your way through the mud on a cold wet evening also adds to the long list of reasons why there is no reason to not play!’

To find out more about the new Walking Football group visit www.horizonlc.com.

Posted on Wed, 22/06/2016 - 13:15