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The Stride Community Centre

Daffodil Way, Denvilles, Havant PO9 2FA

The Stride Community CentreRegular Activities:

10am - Calton School of Pilates
5.30pm - 2nd Denvilles Brownies (girls aged 7 to 10)

6.15pm - Calton School of Pilates

11am - Little Explorers playtime
6.15pm - Calton School of Pilates

4.30pm - 1st Denvilles Rainbows (girls aged 5 to 7)
6.00pm - Calton School of Pilates
8.00pm - Hits'n'Bells Exercise Class

9.15am - Calton School of Pilates
7pm - Homewell Scouts (girls and boys aged 10 to 14)

am - Slimming World - starts 12th November 2016

Saturday afternoons, evenings and Sundays - available for private hire at £15 per hour

For Availability and Booking contact Tim Pike on: 07786 007711 or by email at:

Posted on Wed, October 26 2016