One of Only 3 UK Shows!

wems fest

On Friday 8 July we're privileged to present 2 west coast musicians whose playing shaped and promoted US music worldwide in the late 1960s and early 1970s - pivotal years !

Lowell Levinger - known affectionately as 'Banana' - was a founder member of 'The Youngbloods' (along with Jesse Colin Young - wow, what a coup it would be if we could prise him away from Hawaii).

Barry Melton - known as 'The Fish' was the co-founder and lead guitarist for 'Country Joe & The Fish' (remember 'I feel-like-I'm-a-fixing-to-die-rag'?) and is also a highly respected specialist in criminal law - Venue: The Hewitt's @, South Street, Emsworth - only 60 seats and half have already gone. 8pm start.

Don't forget that Thursday 1 September sees the return of the fantastic US bluegrass band 'Front Country' who we put on at Tuppenny Barn last year and who made a massive impression on those who were there - and there were a lot. This show is in the contemporary Emsworth Baptist Church at 8pm.

Tickets are also on-sale for Kiki Dee & Carmelo Luggeri (30/9), Martin Simpson (6/10), and Black Umfolosi (13/10).

Details of a return by acoustic bluesman Eddie Martin with his 'World of Blues' show will soon be available - Tickets: As always they're available from Harbour Records* (Emsworth) 10-5 Mon-Sat,, or you can txt on 07802 500050

Posted on Wed, 22/06/2016 - 12:59