Havant WEA Early Spring Courses

Havant WEAART APPRECIATION: Art and Society in18th Century Britain

The course will consider the art world in the context of the cultural, social and intellectual developments taking place in the 18th Century, encompassing a range of items, including paintings, printed material, decorative arts, architecture and gardens. Tutor: Prasannajit de Silva Fee: £86.10 Venue: Bedhampton Social Hall Centre, 21, Bedhampton Road, Havant PO9 3ES Date: 10 January - 21 March Tuesdays 10.00-12noon except the first and last sessions will be 10.00am-12.30pm

HISTORY: Shifting Sands: Coastal Changes from Pevensey to Portsea and its effects upon the lives of local people.

This course looks at the long exposed coast from Pevensey to Portsea - how it has changed over the centuries and with it the lives of people of the coast - Tutor: Jennifer Goldsmith. Fee £86.10 Venue: Emsworth Community Centre PO10 7DP Thursdays 12 January – 23 March, 10.00-12noon except the first and last sessions will be from 9.30-12 noon

LITERATURE: Nineteenth Century Crime Fiction

Dicken’s unfinished The Mystery of Edwin Drood would have most certainly been a murder story. His friend,Wilkie Collins, also wrote novels that chimed in with popular taste for melodrama and launched the detective novel as a winning genre. Tutor: Christine Houseley. Fee: £86.10 Venue: The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant PO9 1BS Tuesdays 10 January-21March 10.15am- 12.45pm except the first and last sessions will be from 10.15am-12.45pm - For further information about enrolment contact: Lyn Davies: 01243 373710 email :havant wea@yahoo.co.uk Jean Mackenzie: 023 9226 2477 email: jean.mackn@btinternet.com

Enrol on line by visiting: www.wea.org.uk

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