HISTORY - C 3740071 Parish Churches: Treasure Troves of History, Art and Social Change - Tutor: Jennifer Goldsmith - Emsworth Community Centre, Church Path, Emsworth. PO10 7DP - Thursdays 10.00 – 12noon except first and last sessions are 9.30 – 12noon 29 Sept - 8 Dec - Fee: £86.10p for 10 sessions.

Our churches are treasure troves, veritable galleries of art, fashion and history. Walls and aisles are adorned with men and women dressed in the latest fashion of their age. Epitaphs, written with a greater or lesser degree of honesty, record deeds done with doggerel, sometimes adding a comic twist. Everywhere there are characters and stories from medieval to the 19th century. We will consider the unsung and often unnoticed galleries that are on our very doorsteps.(This course will include examples from local churches).

LITERATURE - C 3740072 Life and Novels of George Eliot - Tutor: Christine Houseley. - The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, 56 East Street, Havant. PO9 1BS - Tuesdays 10.15 – 12.15pm except first and last sessions are 10.15 – 12.45pm 27 September – 6 December - Fee: £86.10p for 10 sessions

George Eliot’s Warwickshire childhood made her familiar with the lives of ordinary country people and small town communities. Her novels Adam Bede and Middlemarch deal with serious issues such as infanticide, politics and religion, as well as the delicate class distinctions among members of the growing middle class. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Lyn Davies: 01243 373810 or email: havantwea@yahoo.co.uk

Jean Mackenzie: 023 9226 2477 or email: jean.mackn@btinternet.com

Poetry Course and Day School - The Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy - Tutor: John Haynes - Bedhampton Social Hall Centre, 21, Bedhampton Road, Havant PO9 3ES Wednesdays 2.15- 4.15pm 2 November - 30 November - Fee £41 for 5 Sessions.

This course on prize-winning Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy will be made up of selected readings of her poetry with easy-going discussions on their meanings and styles. She writes about many issues in our modern life, including gender and politics, often with wonderful humour.

Day School: Resorting to the Coast

Tutor: Geoffrey Mead - The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, 56 East Street, Havant PO9 IBS - 10 00am - 3 00pm Saturday 12 November - Fee: £20.50

‘Sussex by the Sea’ is a phrase used and understood by many, but what are the constituents of the familiar resort? How did the special nature of ‘The Seaside’ evolve? Throughout this day we will look at resorts from a range of viewpoints in order to seek out and better understand this very British institution.

For information about enrolment contact: Lyn Davies: 01243 373810 email: havantwea@yahoo.co.uk

Jean Mackenzie: 02392 262477 email: jean.mackn@btinternet.co

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