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Thursday, 28th Jan 2021

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Havant Literary Festival

Festival tickets go on sale

You can buy tickets on-line to see what's available and book tickets for some great literary events organised in September and October.

As most of you will know, we are taking something of a break this year after two years of frantic activity.

However, we are still organising a few special events to "keep the seat warm" in September/October for 2016. In particular Saturday 12 September is a poetry day in Havant with several events planned, including a return to the very lovely Havant Brewery - this time for a spoken word event. Great beer and and positively popping performance poetry- what's not to like?

Get you tickets for this as soon as possible as the venue has limited capacity.

We are also featuring two excellent events from our friends at Tuppenny Barn.

The Book Club
Every month at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre our monthly Book Club continues.

Supporting Shakespeare - Propeller Theatre
With financial support from HLF and commercial sponsor Aim Independent, The Spring has managed to bring Propeller Theatre back this year. Our support means that local young people will be able to experience the very highest quality of performance.

Propeller will be performing their "pocket" version of The Merchant of Venice on 15th October. Tickets available from the Spring box office.

Posted on Tue, August 18 2015