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Havant Health and Well-being Talks

26th June Liz Cox - Self-help hand reflexology - After explaining about reflexology we will work on hand reflexology techniques for common conditions. By the end of the session everyone should have a good knowledge of how to do hand reflexology for themselves.

24th July - Liz Walby - An Introduction to Cancer Wise and Naturopathy. A system of healthcare that is healing, preventative, educational and self empowering.

25th September - Rosalind Horswell - Energy Vibration to raise your Spirits Raise your energy vibration to connect to people, animals and better relationships. Feel your way forward to successful loving relationships.

23rd October - Helen Claxton-Roper Colour and Light Healing - Helen will discuss the properties of colour and light and the ability of colour to heal and help on all levels - physical, emotional and energetic.

27th November - Denise Kelly -Nutrition Keeping yourself fighting fit in this stressful world ! Information on certain health enhancing super foods. Herbs and foods that keep you strong and energised.

11th December - Christmas Entertainment.

These talks are aimed at promoting health awareness and to raise money for CanceWise.

Telephone 01243 778516. Registered Charity No. 290574.

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