wems fest

Hello Friends,

We think, and sincerely hope that we’re seeing life (not light) at the end of the tunnel so we’ve been busy programming events for later this year - everything’s on the website: www.wemsfest.com but in brief, here’s a list of events which we’ve scheduled, including a new venue to many, which we think will prove very popular due to location and ambience.

We will be adding more events, and we’re very much looking forward to participating in The Chichester Season of Culture which will run between June and September 2022.

Tickets purchased for previously scheduled events will, of course, be honoured.

Unless indicated with a “*” all events will have a licensed bar which helps support our voluntary organisation.

Sept 24-26 - 5th Beer, Cider & Wine Festival  Emsworth Community Centre

Barrel Sponsorship is always welcome – for £100 per barrel you receive six complimentary tickets, as well as advertising on the website and at the venue. If you have, or know of a business that might be interested, of if you’d like to sponsor a barrel in a personal capacity, please do let us know.

Oct 4 - Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham   Emsworth Baptist Church*  FEW TICKETS LEFT
Oct 6 - Eddi Reader                            Emsworth Baptist Church*  FEW TICKETS LEFT
Oct TBC - Ella Rundle Classical Recital    Venue TBC
Oct 14 - Bob Hall & Dave Kelly (Blues)           Chidham Village Hall
Oct 15 - Raymond & Mr. Timpkins (Comedy)  Emsworth Sports Club       BOOK EARLY
Oct 16 - Maroon Town (Ska/Reggae)    St. James’ Parish Hall, Emsworth  NEW VENUE
Oct 22 - Charlie Hart & Chris Jagger            Compton Assembly Room
Oct 23 - Grupo Lokito (Cuba/Africa)             Chidham Village Hall
Nov 11 - Coig (Cape Breton)                         Chidham Village Hall
Nov 23 -  Tribute to Humph’ (Jazz)                 St. James Church, Emsworth
Nov 24 - Skerryvore                                    St. James Church, Emsworth
Nov 26 - The East Pointers (PEI)                 Chidham Village Hall

Thank you for staying with us and supporting live events in our area – invigorating our community is vital for our overall future and well-being and we’re always grateful for your support and ideas.

One of our biggest challenges is getting the word out to people who may not be aware of us and our events. Please feel free to forward this to friends who may be interested; there is nothing we (and the artists) love more than sold out shows.

We look forward to seeing you in the autumn.

Posted on Fri, 30/07/2021 - 09:53