Wednesdays 6 November and 4 December - British Archeology from the Iron Age to 1066 - 2.00 - 4.00pm - Tutor Mike Pengelly - five sessions - Fee £45 at Emsworth Community Centre, Church Path, Emsworth PO10 7DP -  

Despite Britain becomming an island around 8,000 years ago it has never been isloated from developments in Europe and beyond. Successive incursions of people and ideas have helped shape our nation, with the thousand years between the Roman Conquest in AD43 and the Norman invasion being pivitol.

Through our series of five lectures the impact of tese interations will be explored by examining archaeological artefacts, many of which will be available for handling.

Saturday 16 November - Moscow and the art of the Metro - 10.00 - 3.00pm - Tutor Mike Grundy - Fee £22.50 at The Spring. 45 East Street, Havant PO91BS

Come and enjoy the portrayal of Moscow and the Soviet set out in the architecture art and decor of the stations of the world-renowned Moscow Metro which Stalin made as a show-case for his Bolshevik propaganda.

Enrol on line at: wea.org.uk or by telephone 0300 303 3464. More information can be found in WEA brochures available from local libraries.

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