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The learning Curve

Life's a learning curve for most of us, always something changing, discovering new things, working on new ideas. Many of you will have been given for Christmas a new instrument, if your just starting out, this will be a new learning curve for you. But where do you begin? The best place always is at the beginning! There are some excellent tutor books available today, the Tune A Day series which covers most instruments, is regularly up graded and now comes with a DVD or CD plus access to the Internet with more information. The list is endless on what's now available, to help you learn. If you take time look on 'YouTube', this has so many teachers and musicians showing off their skills, and ideas, the cost to you is time. It will take time to practice your instrument, be patience, keep practicing.

With the ukulele there are lots of groups who will gladly take on new learners and give them the time to learn. For the guitarist there are lots of guitar teachers across the Havant and Portsmouth area, but this will be a cost, so a cheaper way can be Open Mc Nights where you can watch and learn and as you progress on your playing, a good place to find out how good your progressing, by taking a turn. It will also be a learning curve on what suits you regarding the plectrum's you use, what strings suit your style of playing and the instrument you use. If you've invested in an expensive instrument treat your instrument with care, it should hopefully last you for years. Enjoy your music, being able to play an instrument is fun, joining others playing and singing is even better.

Happy New Year to you all - Scrumpy Bob

Bob Rivers at Havant Music Mart
Posted on Wed, 27/12/2017 - 09:13