Pantomime of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for the Station Theatre Hayling Island

Have you ever wondered why Goldilocks broke into the Bears’ house and ate their porridge?  Indeed why were the Bears living in a house at all?

Well, a long time ago, on an island not far away, there lived a happy community of rabbits, squirrels, foxes, mice, hens and other animals.  Everybody got on very well, even with the newly arrived wealthy Russian bears that lived in the big house.  As usual there was a troublemaker who tried to tempt the animals into making bad decisions, but he never made much impression, that is until a cheeky girl came over from the mainland and refused to toe the line.

Then chaos ensued, magic spells gone wrong, porridge tampered with, and – worst of all - the disappearance of Baby Rabbit.  Who will solve the mystery?  And will they all live happily ever after?  Well of course they will – it is a pantomime after all.

With matinees on both Saturdays at 2.30pm and shows at 7.30pm every night (except Sunday) Goldilocks and The Three Bears runs from 12th to 19th January at the Station Theatre, Hayling Island.  Tickets £10 for adults and £6 for children can be obtained from or from the box office open Wednesday to Saturday from 10.00am to noon or on 023 9246 6363.

Posted on Mon, 15/10/2018 - 11:55