Historical Association

12th March - Hardly a man's work at this time: the Portsmouth Military Service Tribunal. A lecture from James Daly, D-Day Museum, Portsmouth

This talk-is-based on research into- the records of the Portsmouth Military Service Tribunal during WW1.  Although the records were ordered to be destroyed on the cessation of hostilities, they survived and provide insights into local society and conditions in the later years of the Great War.

14th May -  AGM and Lecture from Bishop's Cannings to Portsmouth, via the Pacific: The Career of William Bayly (1738-1810) Dr James Thomas, University of Portsmouth. James Thomas's research centres on William Bayly, farmer's son, astronomer to Captain Cook and Headmaster of Portsmouth Naval Academy, 1785-1806.

4th June - The Hidden History of a Naval Town: Women's Activism in Portsmouth since 1960*. A lecture from Dr Sue Bruley, University of Portsmouth.

*This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


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