Havant WEA & Zoom

When Lockdown started and all meetings in large groups was forbidden, it seemed possible that the organised Havant WEA courses in Art Appreciation and History  plus Day Schools would have to be cancelled. All the usual venues where courses were normally held closed.

Then Zoom started to be used around the country for presentations and meetings. The WEA Head office decided to put the organised courses on Zoom. This required training of the lecturers to adapt to the new technology. People began to sign up for courses on Zoom and the required technology was introduced.

Fortunately the Havant Zoom courses have run smoothly with people from further afield joining as well as regular participants as it is possible to register for courses from different parts of the country. Hopefully face to face courses will be possible again in the future but meanwhile the WEA continues offering courses on Zoom.

29th April to 27th May - 10am -12noon Zoom History Course “Who Lived There?” More Historic Houses and their histories - Tutor Jennifer Goldsmith.

For information about enrolling and cost of course Contact Southern Region Office: Southern@wea.org.uk

Posted on Wed, 07/04/2021 - 12:05