Emsworth Artists Summer Exibition

Emsworth Artists are semi professional- professional and highly talented amateurs who stage an Exhibition once a year.

They all live within a two mile radious of Emsworth Square and although we dont have meetings have been invited to exhibit in this exciting Exhibition.

We have a website where you can view some of our work: www.emsworthartists.org.uk

Our Exhibition runs from 24th August until 28th August-open from 10am till 6pm-admission free

There is a raffle this year -a lovely painting by Kate Rosie. We also have our internal competitions for which our visitors can vote.

The Printing Workshop for young Artists sponsored by Emsworth Community Association (registered charity 269793) and The Arts Society Portsdown runs alongside our Exhibition and was a great success last year encouraging our next generation of Artists.

Last year we are able to donate £1500 from our proceeds as all the Artists kindly donate 25% of their sales to the Community Centre-we are delighted to be told that our donation this year enabled the Centre to purchase a Professional Floor Cleaning Machine which due to the increased use of the Centre will benefit all of its users in the future

Posted on Wed, 19/06/2019 - 16:06