Clanfield Gardening Club

Next Meeting Tuesday 8th May 7.30pm at Petersgate School Clanfield PO8 0JU - Talk on 'Life in the Jungle' by Mary Holiday-Bishop - Saturday 19th May at 2p.m. 'The Plant Sale' and Afternoon Teas at Petersgate School Clanfield PO8 0JU. Come and buy some plants and relax with an afternoon tea.

The Annual Clanfield Garden Show is 19th August at 2p.m. at the Memorial Hall.

Start Growing and Planting your Flowers and Vegetables. Looking out some plants, indoor and outdoor. Checking Fruit Trees. Sorting/Taking your photos of   Fish, Sea going Vessel, Insect (s), Thatched Building, Bricks.  Get your Children/Grandchildren involved with the Children's sections.  Baking is also a big part of the show and Handicrafts. Hopefully the Schedule will be available in the next few months so that you will know what to enter.  Professional Judges will be choosing the best entries and lots of Cups, Shields and Trophies are to be won.

Posted on Tue, 17/04/2018 - 10:06