Air Aces

Monday 20th May - 1900 for 1945 - ‘Halton Brat to Air Ambulance Pilot - and Beyond’ presented by Mick Patrick
There was no grand plan.  “When I, Mick Patrick, joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice I could not have known that it would lead to a career in aircraft engineering, pilot, instructor, and airline safety auditor.”

Later on, as Mick reflects on his 62 years of employment, there will be recollections of the many challenges, close encounters and redundancies fought through his stay in the aviation business.

Mick says “that there were difficult times but also some of his happiest and fulfilling times”.  He says “would I do it again?  You bet”.

Monday 24th June - 1900 for 1945 - 'The BAE Hawk: Design, Development and Operation’ presented by Duncan Dean

Duncan Dean is a former RAF fighter pilot and instructor with almost 5000 hours of fast-jet flying in Tornado, F-16 and Hawk. 
He first flew the BAE Hawk in 1998 and since then has amassed over 3500 hours on various marks, from the original T Mk1 up to the latest version, the Mk167.

His presentation will cover the design, development and operation of this iconic British aircraft and will explain the attributes that have made the Hawk such a special and successful training aircraft, as well as what it is like to teach the next generation of fighter pilots from the cockpit.

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