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Friday, 22nd Jan 2021

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Swimmers bus to training camp

A generous donation from the Emsworth and District Coach Hire company allowed 34 swimmers from the Havant and Waterlooville Swim Club to travel together in comfort to their crucial Crystal Palace Training Camp in April. Thanks to a deal set up by Emsworth and District and PO9 & PO11 the transport was provided on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April to take the young swimmers aged between 9 and 17 to the prestigious Crystal Palace long course training facility. The training camp is a critical part of Swimmers bus to trainingthe youngsters training regime. It conditions them for marked calendar events, such as National Championships. It also works as part of their long term development training for other long distance events. The swimmers completed more than 10k each day in the long course pool. When they were not swimming they were exercising with hundreds of sit ups and press-ups in the gym. The idea is to promote fast swimming and for some, hopefully, winning medals at several coming events. It also gives swimmers the opportunity to train in different waters, and in a long course pool, to see where they are on key qualifying and medalling times. Crystal Palace has always provided support for the training camps which are second to none. The Club constantly relies on donations of time, facilities and funding from local businesses. This is not the first time Emsworth and District has donated the use of a bus to the Swim Club. The swimmers and parents are extremely grateful. Without these donated transport facilities, the cost of travel would have needed to be covered from the Club’s limited funds, or by parents. The Club swimmers continue to train hard to generate top notch results and the effort put in at this training camp was certainly no different. Emsworth and District and Postcode Publications wish the Swimming Club and their talented young swimmers, continued success.

Posted on Mon, August 17 2015