Sporting Theory of Calories

All athletes use a lot of energy, but many are wary of putting on too much weight when they replace that energy.

Biscuits contain Calories - but, biscuits are, by their nature, porous , so that the calories will leak out over time.

This is why they have a “Sell By” date. So, there must be fewer calories in biscuits that are past their Sell By date.

Broken Biscuits have a greater exposed area for the calories to leak out, so broken biscuits will naturally have fewer calories.

Biscuits that are left out of a tin or packet go soft. This is because the Calories can escape into the air.

If you 'Dunk' your biscuit in tea or coffee, it drowns the calories. Chocolate covered biscuits are a problem, because the chocolate seals in the calories and they can't escape. It follows, that biscuits that are only half coated in chocolate will lose calories, but only at half the rate of uncoated biscuits.

Cakes and pastries, are not as porous as biscuits but if you are sharing with a friend, as soon as you take a knife to the cake and cut it in half, you have, at a stroke, cut the calories in half!

Mike Skiffins
Posted on Wed, 25/10/2017 - 14:00