Spring is here at last, and those of us who have been out on our bikes all Winter will be starting to shed a few layers for comfort. For those who are just looking at the sunshine and thinking about it, here are a few tips on suitable clothing.

Like any other activity, cycling can have specialised clothing and equipment, but for ordinary purposes just ordinary clothes are fine.

So, if worrying about clothing is holding you back, here are some tips

Ordinary shirts and T-shirts are fine for many conditions, and bright clothing helps other road users to see you. But, if you cycle hard or for any distance, you may find they get hot and uncomfortable.

Cycling jerseys are made from specialised material.

Yes, we're talking about Lycra!

Quite unnecessary if you cycle for short distances. The further you go, however, the more you'll benefit from a particular cut that is not bulky at the front where you bend, and is longer at the back so that you don't get a gap to let draughts in.

In cold weather, of course, you'll need to keep warm. Several layers are more flexible and are better than dressing up like a Michelin Man and finding that you have got too hot when you've been out for a while.

Trousers and shorts: Getting your clothes tangled in your chain is likely to ruin them, so unless your bike has a very effective chain guard designed to stop clothing flapping into the mechanism it is better to wear Shorts or Slim cut trousers, Trousers with elastic or Velcro designed to keep fabric out of your chain,or Trousers with cycle clips or slap-wraps.

If you are going to be riding for several hours the pressure of the saddle can become uncomfortable and that is why special trousers have a padded seat.

You don't need to wear any special gear to go cycling on our rides, and some people don't, so if you'd like to come along and meet us and join us for a ride, or part of one, you'll always be welcome.

Posted on Wed, 04/05/2016 - 15:38