Westbourne Primary School Eco Car Recruits

The journey continues at Westbourne Primary on STEM education with some new recruits from year 5 joining the eco car team after last years, year 6 stars, graduated to secondary school, with their newly learnt skills curtsey of Postcode Publications generous donation.

Last year’s team have dismantled the car, and this team, armed with the knowledge of last year brimming from their enriched brains, year 5 will have a baptism of fire on lessons learnt, the pit falls, and ways to explore new ideas to leave the competition in their tracks.

Just like every sports team, their secrets of planned success are shrouded in secrecy and our readers are not in the circle of trust, so we are none the wiser on what lessons they have learnt, but I have been assured by some confident young students that they have a plan!

They want to win and are sticking to the basics, depending on how things pan out, they have a contingency plan and have accepted that some-times plans change, and it is all a part of the learning curve.

We are excited to follow their journey this academic year and the roller coaster ride they will be on. The main goals of the year is quite rightfully to have as much fun as possible but to see if we have any budding engineers out there as a future career.

The eco cars journey can be followed through the Final Straw Solent social media pages and via Postcode Publications.

Posted on Mon, 16/12/2019 - 14:12