Success for Havant WEA Courses

Courses for Havant’s Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) have now ended until September 2018. The autumn and spring courses in 2017 and 2018 proved very successful with many new people joining. In History members thoroughly enjoyed the study of “Taverns and Ale Houses” followed by “Preparation to repel the invader”, both presented by Jennifer Goldsmith. A new lecturer to Art Appreciation, Prasannajit de Silva, gave an excellent course on, “Art and Society in the 19th century,” and in Literature Christine Houseley presented “The Short Stories and Poems of Thomas Hardy” and the challenging question of “What Happened Next in Famous Novels?”

There were also two stimulating short courses, “An Introduction to Archaeology” by Michael Pengelly, and an “Introduction to Media Studies” by Alyson Watts that evoked very lively discussion. The Day school, “What do we mean by Landscape?” by Geoffrey Mead, gave a full view of different kinds of landscapes throughout Britain.

On behalf of Havant WEA Committee, I would like to thank everyone who attends our Courses and Day Schools and the knowledgeable and entertaining lecturers. Also the many local publications and outlets that carry our adverts and brochures. These range from magazines and newspapers to local libraries and radio stations, shops and notice boards – without this support it would be difficult to bring awareness of the WEA to the locality. Look out for our new brochures and adverts this summer.


Sue Young
Posted on Wed, 20/06/2018 - 09:23