Our Patient Survey feedback was extremely positive.  However, there did seem to be a group of patients who are still unaware of our Extended Access Hub service. We are addressing this by repeating the advertising we did initially in hope that we can help those patients who missed the information first time round.

Southbourne Surgery has joined forces with a group of 7 other practices in the Chichester area – Chichester Alliance of Medical Practices (ChAMP), to offer more appointments working collaboratively as part of an Extended Access Hub. The appointments are run from the different local surgeries and are for urgent and routine ailments, but not ailments for which you are already being treated. You will book the Hub appointments through your normal surgery i.e. you may be offered an appointment at one of the Hubs at a neighbouring GP practice locally. The team will have access to your medical records with your consent, and any care they provide will be added to your notes so your own GP practice can continue any ongoing care.

We are always looking to recruit more members into our Patient Participation Group. It is important for us to reflect a diverse representation. This enables us to see how we are doing from a patient point of view and what we can improve upon. We urge you to think about representation (we would love to have representation from any young parents/carers) and make contact with us if you would be interested. Please email for further information.

Finally, we have taken on more staff to accommodate the growing local population therefore if you are interested in registering with us; we are still taking new patients. Thank you.

Posted on Thu, 20/02/2020 - 12:53