New Community Development Officer

Community First

We are pleased to welcome Catherine Billam to her new role as Havant Community Development Officer for Community First. Catherine will be supporting the Community and Voluntary sector across Havant Borough.

Catherine went to school in West Leigh and lives in central Havant, so she knows the area well. She understands the challenges of the voluntary sector, having led a local community group. In addition to her voluntary sector experience, Catherine is skilled in change management; organisation development; leadership and business coaching; team development; facilitation and training. Key areas she can help local Havant Voluntary Organisations with include:

New and existing organisations:

  • Supporting new groups to start up
  • Designing governance and organisation structures
  • Identifying and applying for funding
  • Communications and marketing to attracting members/volunteers/customers
  • Planning and strategy:
  • Developing organisation vision and mission
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Creating a sustainable funding strategy
  • Planning for long-term sustainability
  • Leadership and teams:
  • Organisation and team development
  • Developing and supporting leaders and managers
  • Managing change in the organisation
  • Trustee and leadership ‘sounding board’

If you are a voluntary or community organisation in Havant Borough, and you would like Catherine to support you, please contact her on 07467 941007 or at: See Website

Posted on Fri, 25/10/2019 - 17:06