New Book by PO7 Author Gareth Davies

It is not that uncommon these days for senior citizens to write a book, but they almost always chronicle the author’s life. Gareth Davies is different. As a latter day septuagenarian he has just publish his first book of seven fictional stories entitled simply “A collection of short stories” Each one a complete story and covers a range of subjects, this makes them ideal bedtime or afternoon reading. What makes this achievement even more interesting is that Gareth suffers from the lifelong condition of dyslexia.  Gareth has lived in south Hampshire for over forty years. He has had a varied working life, which included being a milkman for over fourteen years. Then for several years he worked in engineering and ended his working life as an engineering storeman. He is still very active. When not writing he plays bowls as often as he can and is a member of a number of bowling clubs He will donate some of the profits from the sale of his book to the many local charities that he supports.


Posted on Mon, 16/12/2019 - 14:18