In this book ‘Bluebells and Spitfires, you will find some recollections, incidents, anecdotes and photos from in and around Chichester in the 50’s 60’s and a bit later that have affected my life. To me the distinctive sound of a Merlin engine bumbling its way back to Tangmere with post war pilots in training and the carpets of Bluebells surrounding the fair City will always launch me back to slower, less complicated pace of life.

One chapter is dedicated to the children who came into care with the WSCC at the ’Woodlands Children Home’ and documents its history from 1935 to 1966, it no longer exists and not many people knew it was there. Interspersed throughout the book you will find pages from Myerscough Walkers Innscape books, and about his Bohemian life as a famous artist, designer for film and stage, an architect and colourful character well remembered in Chichester.

Posted on Wed, 20/06/2018 - 09:41