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Living a Mindful Life

Mindfulness is about living in the moment by paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, practicing letting them go and tuning into the present moment. In this way, we learn how to avoid re-rehashing the past or imagining the future, both of which are known to create a large degree of anxieties and stress in our lives. As we develop the skill of zooming in on what IS rather than how we would prefer things to be. Reported results with these skills include a slowing down of thoughts, a calmer way of being, less anxiety and stress, better sleep patterns, a way of managing the emotional impact of chronic health conditions and a stronger focus on the pleasant aspects of our lives. Interested in knowing more? Visit the website, give me a call or better still, come along to one of the Introductory Taster Day in February or March. Visit or call Pat on 07925 300 320 for a chat.

Posted on Wed, December 27 2017