Leigh Park Community Mural

Way back in the summer Artscape’s Project Manager Mandie Molyneux had an impromptu distancing meeting in a car park with local Leigh Park resident Jon Miness, who had put a shout out on Facebook to get everyone to flood the area with art, colour, paint and positivity. As not only were we in the grip of the first long lockdown, the area was facing and dealing with many other horrendous situations, and although we couldn’t directly address this, we wanted to bring people together with a common goal using art.

As the meeting continued, Mandie suggested a mural project that could involve everyone and anyone. Of course this was not thought through and an impulse idea, which Jon quickly picked up on.

Having had many false hopes of starting the project over the summer months, the project is now set up and ready to roll out over Christmas and the winter months.

The idea is quite simple and will be done in three stages. First stage: using plywood boards and a limited selection of coloured paint, create your own pattern loosely based on the theme of virus. You are free to make up your own, only the photos of the actual virus are quite extraordinary and actually quite beautiful says Mandie.

Stage two: will be to display your artwork(s) in your front room window and share them on the designated Facebook page, stating which road they are on. This will form a simple fun trail when taking a walk out on your own or with the kids.

Stage three (which we are still seeking funding for) will be collecting and varnishing each one so that they are sealed from the elements, and a time for engaging lots of volunteers to help get this not so fun part done.

Finally they will be laid together and photographed by drone, before being sorted into beautiful murals that will adorn the side of buildings in and across Park Parade. (buildings yet to be decided and agreed)

Collection dates for materials, is currently on hold due to the impact of the current virus situation. However we are anticipating resuming during February. This project is fully inclusive and open to all regardless of age. We want it to go large and put us on the map for creating something extraordinary.

We hope that by the time we reach this final stage that it will be safe for us to have a celebratory event, engaging local musicians and other organisations.

If you are interested in taking part, or finding out more, head over to:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/191474065925827 http://artscapeart.weebly.com/

There is no cost for you to take part, although any donations would always be most welcome.

Posted on Wed, 20/01/2021 - 14:41