The High-Street Evolution?

A reader's thoughts

The Super-Highway analogy that we now know impacts past generations of our shopping habits is leading us into unknown territory.

The age when streets were jammed with horse-drawn vehicles fighting for quarter amoungst the detritus and hapless pedestrians is long since passed. Now we see endless polluting combustion traction traffic moving in towns as slowly as the horses did, as we move inexorably towards  a brighter cleaner future of electric transport.

We adapted to that change. and we will have to go on adapting to changing ways of the fourth industrial revolution now upon us.

Water, coal and steam power replaced by the wonders of electricity and robotic technology, now leads us into a brave new world.

How will the high-street survive? If retail fails to adapt, will we not find shops disappearing to be replaced by more domestic uses with residents shopping on high-speed broadband and 5G telcommunication?

Change is without doubt inevitable insofar as human behavior is concerned, confronted as it is with technological evolution - for better or worse? Only time will tell. Meanwhile our high-streets are ‘dying’ some say, but won’t they just adapt to meet the needs of those that use them?

Posted on Fri, 25/10/2019 - 16:52