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Hayling to remember WW2 Civilian Causalties

Hayling U3A, Hayling Lions Club, Hayling Royal British Legion and Hayling Community Centre are working together to collect the names of all local residents who lost their lives in WW2 through enemy action. It is proposed that a memorial plaque will be placed in the Community Centre in the autumn of 2019 remembering their names.

It is important for future generations that we do not forget the trauma that War had on the civilian population. Hayling’s darkest hours were in April 1941.

In order not to omit any names from the plaque we are publishing the names which research by the U3A have so far discovered; Joan Boothby, Maud Boothby, Betty Boothby, Bertram Brown, James Brown, L.G. Edwards/ dmonds Archibald Jones, Lilian Jones, Mary Jones, Robert Paye, Dorothy Middleton, Catherine McCologin, Thomas Lennox Helen McGarth, Mary Spencer, Maud Spencer, Jeffery Steeples /Sparks Mary Tizard Ronald Walker If you are a relative or have knowledge of the names identified we ask you to make contact with us, we are very keen that no person should be omitted.

Posted on Wed, June 20 2018