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Havant Mill Waterwheel

Extract from Gillian Bishop’s booklet, A History of Havant Mills, which can be read on line at:

The Domesday Survey of 1066 states that the manor of Havant had two mills; The Hundred of Bosmere reads: “and the other stood on the site of that now occupied by the town mill”.

Within the manor of Havant was the smaller manor of Hall Place. In 1460 the Bishop of Winchester granted this to John Barbour and his inheritors, it included the Town Mill.

It passed down the inheritors until sold in the 18th century. In 1791 Thomas Raiss was the tenant miller famous for his Rat Powder. John Crassweller bought the mill in 1803 and re-built it in 1822; he bequeathed it to Jane Longcroft. It passed to Charles Longcroft and then Edward, who owned Havant Town Mill until his death. The mill stopped working in 1934 when his widow Helen Gertrude Longcroft sold it to Portsmouth Water Company. It was demolished in 1958.

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