Growing Onwards and Upwards!

This is the intention of Purbrook Horticultural Society following a successful Summer Show held at Crookhorn College, Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville. The increased number of younger and less experienced exhibitors being encouraged and advised by the more experienced, resulted in very happy, proud faces when their efforts were rewarded. Adding to the overall experience of the Show were the invited members of the local Cactus and Succulent Society selling and advising on these special plants as well as the crafters from Women’s Institute Farlington branch alongside the usual stalls selling donated Plants and home made Cakes and Preserves. Visitors to the Show certainly went home with baskets full and a wealth of knowledge and admiration for the quantity and quality of exhibits. Praise must be given not only to the less experienced but also to our regular exhibitors for the quality and abundance of their exhibits along with the friendly advice given to both Novices and visitors alike. So, after a successful Summer do we rest on out laurels? Not likely! The preparation for our Spring Show is underway with members already planting in order that their specimens will be at their best for Sunday 22nd March 2020 when we all meet up at the Deverell Hall. London Road Purbrook.

Trophy Winners                                                                           Awarded to
Charles Rose Memorial Cup [Best Vegetable Collection]                     Jim Osman
Borrow Cup [Best Potato exhibit]                                                     Phil Stock
Cornelius Cup [Best Vegetable exhibit excluding collections]               Jim Osman
Ted Miles Trophy [Most points for Vegetables]                                   Phil Stock
Juniper Cup [Most points for Novice]                                                 Brigette Hoare
Rowena Cup [most points for Fruit]                                                   Ron Brumhill
Healey Cup [Most points for Flowers]                                               Barry Moore
George Broom memorial Bowl [Most points Pot plants]                     Peter Chivers
Dring Chrysanthemum Cup [Most points for Chrysanthemums]          Jim Osman
Norman Cup [Most points for Dahlias]                                              Barry Moore
Rosemary Trophy [Most points Floral Art]                                         Maureen Simpson
Ava Trophy [Most points for Jams and Preserves]                               Mrs P Brooks
Charlwood Cup [Most points in all classes, Ladies]                              Anne Heelan
Napier Cup [Most points in all classes, Gentlemen]                             Barry Moore
Enid Gauntlett Cup nMost points for Handicrafts]                               Miss C Waskett
Mary Gauntlett Cup [best Fuchsia exhibit]                                          Barry Moore
Society Shield [Most points monthly Show table]                                 Adele Mallows
Janet Bendell Cup [best Pot plant]                                                      Peter Brooks
Chairman’s Cup [Best Floral Art exhibit]                                            Maureen Simpson
Greta Carter trophy [Best novice Floral Art exhibit]                           Maggie Mellor
Gauntlett Cup [Local Dahlia Championship]                                        Barry Moore
Borrow Young People’s Cup [Most points 7-11yrs]                             Edward Hoare
Mary Grinter Cup [Most points 11-16yrs]                                           Maisie Hoare
Havant Borough Council Cup [Most points Cookery classes]                Sue Andrews
The National Chrysanthemum Society Silver Medal                               Jim Osman
The National Chrysanthemum Society Certificate                                 Jim Osman
The National Dahlia Society Silver Medal                                              Jim Osman
The National Dahlia Society Bronze Medal                                            Jim Osman
The National Vegetable Society Silver Medal                                         Deborah Lowe
The Banksian Medal [Highest Prize money]                                           Phil Stock        


Lynda Piddington, Chair
Posted on Fri, 25/10/2019 - 21:43