Grow your tenner – match funding campaign - Local Giving

Grow your tenner is an annual match funding campaign which gives Motiv8 the opportunity to raise monthly giving donations which are then doubled by Local Giving. It began on the 11th of December and runs until the match fund runs out £100,000. For your monthly donation to qualify all you need to do is follow the link below and pledge to donate any amount up to £10.00 to Motiv8 on a monthly basis.

“Before getting support from Motiv8 I was feeling so low, things were awful at home and I had no support, once I got to know my support worker I felt like I had a good friend, it was the best thing that happened in my life, it has been amazing to have someone who is there for me, who encouraged me to be confident and to return to school.”

Helen age 15

Posted on Tue, 18/12/2018 - 12:19