A glorious day for a beach clean with Final Straw Solent

A glorious day for a beach clean with The Final Straw Solent On Monday 1st April, eleven Positive Pathways volunteers with two Community First members of staff, Kat and Beverley, attended a beach clean on Hayling Island Seafront with Lissie and Bianca from The Final Straw Solent. The Final Straw Solent is a group comprised of people who are passionate about decreasing the amount of plastic entering our local seas. One of the biggest problems, they state on their website, is single-use items such as plastic straws, plastic bags and plastic packaging. Kat Baseley from Community First said “It was the first time that the Positive Pathways team had joined The Final Straw Solent in an activity on Hayling Island Beach. The Final Straw Solent were able to buy the device after joint fundraising with the Litter Pick Chicks and it makes sorting through the small pieces of plastic, sand and shingle a lot easier. Items such as a baby’s dummy, a padlock, bottle caps, packaging, plastic straws, parts of fishing nets, plus more items that should not be there. It goes to show how prolific the issue is with plastic and unwanted rubbish on our beaches!”

Lissie Pollard, Co-Director of the Final Straw Solent, was pleased with the amount of litter collected. It's so important for members of the community to be aware of the issues we face with plastic pollution in our local waterways and seas, it is a huge problem all around the British coastline.

For more information about The Final Straw Solent and their events in the area, please visit https://finalstrawsolent.org/

Posted on Wed, 17/04/2019 - 19:23