Spring: the season of awakening and new life, the blooming of fresh buds and re-emerging beautiful colour. It can be a truly inspiring time that is invigorating to the senses.

Preparing your garden to spend more time in it with family and friends requires a little effort, but the result can be a gorgeous green space to be proud of. At GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service we know from experience that a big effort in spring pays dividends. It’s now that customers begin to worry about the lawn, as is natural with the onset of spring, so it’s now, more than any other time of the year, that specialist lawn care advice comes in handy.

GETTING AHEAD - If you didn’t have your lawn aerated and scarified this winter, there might yet be just enough time to fit it in before we really start to hit the warmer, drier months. Regardless, now is definitely the time to start thinking about getting all the necessary nutrients into the lawn through the right spring/summer treatment programme.

MOWING - The amount of lawn mowing required now winter is over will naturally increase; GreenThumb recommends implementing a good, regular mowing programme. Dry, sunny days are the best conditions for lawn mowing. It's important that mower blades are kept sharp or replaced when needed to avoid causing damage to the grass plant. Also, cutting the grass too short, too soon will weaken it, attracting unwanted weeds and moss. If possible, it is best for a lawn to be cut at least once a week, to a height of about 25mm (1").  A little maintenance in the form of consistent mowing will help train the grass to be stronger over time.

KEEP IT CLEAR - Another way to help a lawn through spring is to rake up any dead leaves and twigs from the lawn and cut back overhanging shrubs and plants; this is because grass needs as much direct sunlight and air as possible to stay healthy and green. As the ground starts to warm, it's a good time to repair bare patches that can appear over winter. To do so, carefully rake the patch to create a bed, sow the seeds with a little top-soil and don't let them dry out; they will germinate in a few days (temperature permitting). GreenThumb can assist in this regard, as we have the best seed and an excellent 100% organic top-dressing.

TREATMENT TIME - At GreenThumb we actually tailor our treatments to suit our part of the country and the conditions we find here. Treatment programmes should be, and are, designed with the greatest care for lawns: whatever your lawn needs, we tailor our advice to suit the conditions. We have the solutions to transform any piece of grass, whatever the size or condition - into a healthy, fresh and beautiful lawn.

Finally, remember to ENJOY YOUR GARDEN. It is meant to be a pleasure, not a chore. Make the effort now and enjoy the months ahead.

Posted on Thu, 20/02/2020 - 14:24