Catherington WI Map-Room Outing

On Wednesday 9th May Catherington WI had a trip to a local historical venue at the Map Room in Southwick House which was used to finalize the D Day landings for the invasion into France. Our tour guide explained in detail the effort that went into co-ordinating the day when so much depended on the outcome . The sheer size of the operation which was so dependent on the weather being favourable and the secrecy being trusted to just a few. Catherington WI Map-Room Outing

The deception methods were in place to make the Germans think that an entirely different location had been chosen

All in all it was a great eye opener to an event that happened on our doorstep . Some of the husbands came along too and found the talk exceedingly interesting

Posted on Wed, 20/06/2018 - 13:41