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Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the summer. It’s been another busy one for us here at the Cat and Rabbit Rescue. I heard the other day from someone worried about a cat and kittens living under a shed in the garden. I needed to muster my staff to see what the situation was. I wouldn’t want the poor mum and kits to be alone. Having been a stray myself I quickly organized a plan for my staff, I got them to get together the carriers, humane trap and some lovely pilchards in tomato sauce (no not for me but to tempt the kittens!). Off they went, they knew I was on call for any concerns they might have, they said the shed was huge, and they tried crawling under to have a chat with the cat but she was too shy, but saw the three kittens, but they were very scared, and hid right at the back under the floor of the shed there was no way they could be reached. The kind person who lived in the house agreed to keep an eye on them while they set up a trap and put some of the pilchards in. So begins the waiting, hiding behind some shrubbery holding the string on the trap. The trap was loaded with pilchards (I did say if there was any left I am partial to them!). Finally the kittens came out and one went into the trap and started eating, they quickly pulled the string and caught him, he was scared but safe. They managed to get the Mum when she came to see her kittens. The first kitten caught spent the night at the Centre being looked after, then the next day, very early they were back hiding, and waited for some hours with a huge tin of pilchards and then both kittens were in the trap! They were all brought back to the Centre where they are all safe and well and growing strong. I was so proud of my staff.

Don’t forget to come along on Sunday 13th August to our Summer Fayre, between 11-4pm. I will be there, come and meet me. I normally like playing hide and seek that day last year Fuchsia our goat and I managed to stay hidden for ages but I just might watch what is going on and put a bid in for one of the lovely cat beds. Just my style, check them out on our auction pages on

See you next month

If you are interested in adopting a cat, kitten, rabbit or guinea pig then please call us here at the centre on 01243 641409 between 9-4pm during the week.

PS: We have a Viewing Day Saturday 26th August 12-2pm. Viewing days are non-appointment days so people thinking of adopting a cat can pop along. Otherwise we rehome 7 days a week by appointment only.

Pets of the Month Brie de Meaux & Brie de Melun
This August we would love you to meet an unusual paring. Brie de Meaux and her friend Brie de Melun. Both 3 years old. Brie de Meaux is a female black rabbit and Brie de Melun is a tri-colour male guinea pig. We do not normally recommend rabbits and guinea pigs living together. However they are a special case and have been living together all their lives and we felt it would be very sad to suddenly split them up after so long together. They get along really well and are best of friends. They arrived in January of this year and have been here ever since. As the pairing is unusual so far no one has offered them a home. They are both very friendly and enjoy being handled. Brie de Melun is always running around his pen shouting for food. We would love to find them someone to love them. If you think you can offer this lovely pair the new home they so desperately deserve, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the Centre.

Posted on Wed, 23/08/2017 - 13:08