Hulky Bear

Hello from your favourite out and about reporter at the Cat and Rab-bit Rescue Centre, Hulky Bear.

Well, it’s quite a strange old time at the moment isn’t it!  I’m hearing from my staff here that there is something called a Pandemic going on, something called Corona Virus is going around.  Me and the other out and abouters went into a panic locking ourselves away, thinking we were all about to catch it, but my staff have informed us that it’s a different type of Corona that we get, so we calmed down and went back to roaming around.  Of course, though we are being good and adhering to the strict two metre social distancing rule when we are begging the staff for some chicken!!

But of course, even with this pandemic going on, there are still lots of animals here that need caring for and so the show must go on as they say.  The staff are keeping busy and trying to carry on as normally as they can and just this week I have been out supervising them as they move our rabbits and guinea pigs out into their outside accommodation.  They are all very much loving the sunshine and filling their bellies with lots of yummy grass and I am enjoying watching them run around, especially those small piggies!!  Apparently they are not for filling my belly though I’m told!

It seems no one really knows how long this lockdown malarkey is going to go on for, but I just hope you don’t forget about us and once it’s lifted, I see lots of people up here adopting themselves a new furry friend.  The cats here waiting for homes are getting a little sad but I make sure my staff give them plenty of love and strokes, just as long I get lots too!!  Hopefully see you all soon.

Love Hulky

Please keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page where we will let everyone know when we are up and running and rehoming again.

Posted on Thu, 23/04/2020 - 10:43