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Joseph Biden's parents, Mary Elizabeth (née Robinette) Biden (1894–1943) and Joseph Harry Biden (1893–1941) an oil businessman from Baltimore, Maryland, were of English, French, and Irish descent.

Biden's paternal third great-grandfather, William Biden (1789–1849) was born in England and emigrated to the United States, where he settled in Maryland.

According to historian Eddy Greenfield, he was born in Sussex, and christened at St John the Baptist's Church, Westbourne on 8 March 1789.

William was the second child and son of James Biden (born November 1767) and Ann Silverlock (born March 1766), who had married on 16 May 1785. James Biden - Biden's paternal fourth great-grandfather, was from Pagham. He was the son of Richard Biden, Biden's paternal fifth great-grandfather, and his wife Susan, beyond which the paternal family line, cannot be traced.

Biden & Co. Ltd, Seahorse Brewery, Seahorse Street, Gosport, Hampshire was founded in 1800 and the brewery built in 1822, was acquired by James Biden in 1825.

The brewery in Seahorse Street built in 1800 was acquired by James Biden in 1846.

In 1888 Biden & Co bought a controlling interest in the Havant Brewery Co. Ltd, Prince of Wales Brewery, West Street, Havant, Hampshire.

In 1918 the brewery was purchased for the sum of £115,000 by Sir William Dupree of the Portsmouth United Breweries. For a while the brewery became a small dairy, then it was used as a store. It was demolished around 1972, along with the Seahorse Pub, which adjoined the brewery.

Brickwoods were the last owners of the Seahorse, a pub which dated from the 17th Century. The only building to remain in Seahorse Street, belonging to Bidens is the Master Brewer's house, which has a preservation order on it.

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