Bidbury Junior School Outdoor Classroom

It is difficult to think ahead at times like this but Bidbury Junior School is trying to imagine a time when they will all be learning together again out in the fresh air .

Bidbury Junior School is planning to create an outdoor classroom which will help children living in the town learn about the natural environment, to understand growing cycles and how plants and animals make the world ‘tick’. There will be places where they can grow plants, measure rainfall and watch how insects live among many other things. The children love the pond already and look forward to be able to do a range of things like  building and observing ‘bug houses’ wind and rain measurements and growing herbs.

The Fresh Air Champions, a group of children who have a particular interest in nature have lots of ideas and have helped in the initial design of the classroom.

Chair of Governors Kevin Burt said “The outdoor classroom will help a lot of children who live in flats and do not have any garden where they can see nature at work. Teachers are excited at having a new way of teaching”.

The outdoor classroom will also provide somewhere for parents and children to do activities together.

The school has already raised about £7000, but needs another £7000.

We need your help so we can offer this opportunity to our children.

You can support the project by buying tickets in the Havant Community Lottery

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Ian Ayres, Governing Body
Posted on Thu, 23/04/2020 - 11:46