Bidbury Junior School is on a mission to help save the world

As part of the Science and Personal Development Learning curriculum, children at Bidbury Junior School have been learning about waste and plastic pollution and the different ways that they can help create a safer, cleaner planet for all humans and animals alike.

Bidbury Junior School encourages young people to see how they too can improve their environment, their school and their communities.

So far, the school has stopped purchasing single-use plastic cups, preferring to encourage the use of alternative reusable plastic cups.

The students have embraced all suggested changes with a real passion for the environment and their local area.

On Tuesday 20th March, Year 4 students teamed up with The Final Straw Solent charity to spend the day picking up litter on on Southsea beach. This certainly raised the student’s awareness of the issues of litter and plastic pollution along our shore.

Posted on Wed, 17/04/2019 - 18:53