‘Number Up’ for Old Bedhampton Heritage?

The government set out national requirements in emerging Local Plans for councils to identify a rolling five-year supply of new housing supply, and Havant Borough Council received its allocated requirement.

However, it was not possible to demonstrate to a government planning inspector that such land was readily available due to the limitations of the Borough boundary.

This gave a government Planning Inspector reason to give the go ahead for a developer’s twice refused planning application on appeal for fifty houses on land at Lower Road, Bedhampton, within the setting of the Old Bedhampton Conservation Area.

The Inspector confirmed the proposal was contrary to the emerging Local Plan 2036 and felt he could give only limited weight to the emerging Plan, which identifies the site only as a housing possibility.

Despite this draft allocation, the Council unanimously refused a developer’s planning application despite following national guidance.

The Inspector judged that the harm would not outweigh public benefits.

Bedhampton Heritage Alliance (BHA), supported by a petition of over 1,700 residents.

The Inspector considered a catalogue of residents’ concerns and gave them his weightings. These included exacerbating highway issues, losing protected wildlife habitats and intrusion on the historic rural coastal landscape setting of the Conservation Area.

BHA wanted to help the Council fulfil their guardianship duty to protect and enhance the environment for the benefit of future generations.

The appeal decision however, focused on the local shortfall of planned new housing with only a 4.1-year supply identified.

BHA were represented by retired planner Ron Tate who said “This is unfortunately an unplanned ad-hoc decision.”

Contact: Ron Tate (T.023 9247 5375)
24 Lodge Road Havant PO9 3LL

Posted on Fri, 30/07/2021 - 09:57