Postcode Publications stepped up to a request for £250 funding from Havant Academy to fund their ‘Growing Our Own’ Spring/Summer Project.

 Havant Academy students will now initiate their ‘Growing Our Own’ Spring/Summer project where students will plant, care for, harvest and cook with their own fruits and vegetables. This amazing opportunity for students to learn about the process of growing fruit and vegetables, healthy eating and a greater awareness of sustainable living.

The students calculated they would need £250.00 to set up their project and asked us as a local community business established to raise funds for community projects.

The students will guarantee to highly celebrate Postcode Publications within the project with a sign within the plot as well as recognised sponsorship and company logo on any social media posts, pictures and reports.

 Here are some quotes from students explaining why this project is important to them and what they will be able to get from it:

“I think we need a vegetable patch because it encourages healthy eating and preparing food with fresh veg!”

“A vegetable garden is important as we would have fresh veg, meaning it wouldn’t be store bought and sprayed with pesticides!”

“We should have a vegetable patch because we would learn skills about caring for vegetables that we could use when we leave school!”

Posted on Wed, 20/06/2018 - 09:31