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work out your money


work out your money

Smart meters are a new type of meter for gas and electricity which will be offered to all British households over the next few years. Smart meters send meter readings directly to your energy supplier and will enable a range of new services like displays that show you exactly how much energy you’re using and the cost of that energy. Smart meters should mean that manual meter readings, estimated and back bills will become a thing of the past. Smart meters will also allow you access to more detailed information about your personal energy usage which can help with deciding about switching and energy efficiency.

As part of our initiative known as the ‘Work Out Your Money’ project, funded by the Big Lottery, Citizens Advice Havant have teamed up with a local energy supplier and have been part of sessions explaining the benefits of Smart meters and offering energy saving tips which, in turn, helps with useful life skills such as household budgeting. Each participant will be given a Work Out Your Money Smart Spending Diary to help keep a track of spending.

If you belong to a community group that would benefit from this, please get in touch with us at or telephone 023 9247 6013.


Posted on Wed, June 22 2016