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Wednesday, 23rd Jun 2021

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Warblington School

National Literacy Day 2015On 16th December 2015 Warblington held an Enrichment Day for the whole of the school. The Day was planned to focus on life outside school, what happens in the wider world and to give the students some understanding of what is available to them when they leave school.

Sessions were arranged to give the students maximum impact about life and what impacts us in society; therefore, we used a variety of outside speakers to help achieve this goal.

Sessions included key areas such as: ‘What is in our community and why do we have it?’ ‘What is out there after school’ and ‘What does it cost?’ There were also various master-classes in subject areas run by the local colleges. Sessions were run using support from the local community including:

  • The Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Havant College
  • Chichester College
  • South Downs College
  • Highbury College
  • Chichester University
  • Portsmouth University
  • The Army
  • PETA Ltd (Apprenticeships)

The students were asked to give feedback on the sessions showing what they enjoyed and what they felt they learnt the most in. These are examples of their experiences:

Warblington Student“The session I learnt the most in was the Army because I didn’t know that there were so many jobs you can do in the Army.” (Year 10)

“The session I enjoyed the most was the Sports Masterclass because it was really fun but it taught us about role models and we did some really fun challenges.” (Year 8)

“The session I learnt the most in was the NHS because I learnt about the different places to go when you are hurt.” (Year 7)

“The session I learnt the most in was ‘Why go to College?’ because it showed us that we should make our own choices.”

Clare Wilson
Careers Information Advice and Guidance Co-ordinator

Posted on Wed, February 17 2016