Villagers go from recycling to cycling in 2017

Eco campaigners in Westbourne are hoping 2017 will be the village's greenest year ever.

The community has already held its biggest-ever recycling event. In the village square yesterday [Sunday 8 January], more than 130 Christmas trees were turned into chippings for local allotments.

The annual Christmas tree event is run by Greening Westbourne, a local environmental group. This would involve installing bike parking, running cycle training and holding organised rides.

Greening Westbourne chair Colin Carré said: "Local people have shown they're keen on recycling. It would make people more active and cut traffic congestion."

To achieve its goals for 2017 the campaign needs local people to help plan and run cycling events, and lend their expertise. Anyone interested can contact the campaign on or search Greening Westbourne online.

The group's other project is a local community orchard, which is growing fast.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Posted on Wed, 22/02/2017 - 16:10