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Thursday, 29th Jul 2021

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Three Harbours Beef with The RSPB and Chichester Harbour Conservancy hold a successful free Walks & Talks day

The event took place on the beautiful Coastal Grazing Marshes of Medmerry Marshes, Earnley, Chichester and was very well attended. Four groups toured the Medmerry managed re-alignment project and saw the benefits it offers, such as flood defense and the wide range of wildlife being encouraged, including Lapwing, Water Vole, Brown Hare and Avocet. The event also demonstrated the importance of the cattle grazing and how vital they are to managing grass height levels allowing wildlife to thrive.

James Parkin, Farming and Wildlife Officer from Chichester Harbour Conservancy said : ”

It was a pleasure to support Three Harbours Beef during the walks and talks event at Medmerry Marshes recently. The continuation of low intensity grazing on the coastal grazing marshes is key for maintaining the rich wildlife interest which is present on them. If you are looking to buy sustainable, locally and traditionally produced beef, then Three Harbours Beef provides what you are looking for. ”

Three Harbours work with a network of local farmers and aim to ensure the viability of important grazing marshes by marketing high quality beef to local consumers and outlets. All the beef animals are born either on coastal plain farms or within the local area. Most are reared on their mother’s milk and grass for the first six months and, after weaning, their diet is predominantly the flower and herbal-rich salt tinted coastal grazing marshes, contributing greatly to the taste and quality of the meat. Cattle are reared naturally on marshes and pasture where they are allowed to mature slowly, enjoy two summers at grass and are kept until around two to two and a half years old – long by modern standards.

Three Harbours Beef is available in local community Co-ops and through our convenient box scheme. For further information about future farm walks or Three Harbours Beef please call 07807 951885.

Posted on Tue, August 18 2015